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Religious Education

What is the subject all about:

RE at the Albany is studied at Ks 3 by all students and is a GCSE option subject for years 10 and 11. Students study all world religions: Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism. Students are encouraged to ask questions, explore different views and develop an understanding of the world around them.

What we learn in the Subject:

Do you think RE is just about religion? Well think again! In RE we study topical subjects and do lots of fun tasks, which are sometimes based on religion but not all the time.
So every time you now think of RE, think of it as a key to life, not just religion!
Lucy Horton (Year 8)

Curriculum breakdown:

Year 7

The focus of this course is centred on key religious beliefs of all world religions e.g. key beliefs, festivals, rites of passage, as well as a key philosophical question- does God exist?

Year 8

The focus of this course is centred on key philosophical questions E.g. do miracles happen? Is there life after death? Where did the world come from? The exploration of these questions is approached by studying, religious and non- religious viewpoints.

Year 9

The focus of this course is centred on: key philosophical and ethical questions. E.g. should everyone know what right and wrong is? Should everyone have human rights? Should science do more to improve the world, even if it is the morally wrong thing to do?

Year 10

  1. Relationships- love, divorce and marriage.
  2. Is it fair?- justice and equality.
  3. Looking for meaning- God, life and death.
  4. Our world- Exploring creation and our place in the world.

Year 11

  1. Religion and conflict- peace, forgiveness and conflict.
  2. Religion and medicine- medical ethics and the sanctity of life.
  3. Religious Expression- Expressing one’s own faith.
  4. Authority- Law, order, religion and society.

PSP Tasks

Year 7 PSP Tasks


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