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Our department is one with a lively, happy atmosphere where we try to ensure all pupils enjoy our subject and have lots of opportunities to get involved in a club doing something they enjoy.

The Music Department is lucky enough to have 3 Music Specialist Teachers. We have a superbly equipped main teaching room where there are enough computers for one between two pupils at Key Stage 3, and one each at Key Stage 4, all of which run software such as Cubase and Dance Ejay.

We also have:

  • 2 class sets of multi-track recording keyboards
  • 2 sets of African Drums
  • 1 set of Samba drums
  • 1 class set tuned percussion
  • Various percussion instruments
  • 2 drum kits
  • 3 practise rooms
  • 3 pianos
  • 1 mixer
  • A number of acoustic/electric/bass guitars


Instrumental Lessons

We offer lessons with visiting peripatetic staff from Havering Music School on most instruments. Lessons are currently either £84 per term for a shared 20 minute lesson or £125 for an individual 15 minute lesson. Should you wish your child to start these instrumental lessons please contact Ms Spillman:

We have a guitar ensemble, drum ensemble; choir and many individual bands ran by students. We have also begun to organise and record our school podcast! From September 2013 we are also running a keyboard ensemble, music technology group and a gospel choir. All are welcome!

Practise rooms are all available for students’ use at lunchtimes/after school using our online booking system, found on the student portal.
Our choir have performed many times at Royal Albert Hall and O2 Arena, Queen's Theatre, many Christmas events such as Harmony House, and more are planned. We have also had some local press coverage for performances at some events. Some of our talented musicians have even featured in the Romford Recorder for their wonderful achievements in music examinations.

KS3 Programme of Study

Vocal Studies  Creating a blues sequence and improvising  Pachelbel Remix
Harry Potter house composition (learning the elements of music) Working and performing as an ensemble in a Reggae Style
(One Love)
In at the deep end (band work)
Getting to know the keyboard Film Music Minimalism
Working and performing as an ensemble (Next to me) Classical duets Performing as a soloist

Topics with a different colour background make use of music technology.

Each student is assessed not only in performance/composition but also listening and appraising.

Throughout Key stage 3 pupils work to become able performers on the keyboard, which stands them in good stead for key stage 4.

Key Stage 4

As of September 2013 we will be following the Edexcel GCSE Music course which consists of the following:

Composing Performance (solo and ensemble) Listening exam
30% 30% 40%

What We Study

The course allows students to develop all three disciplines in music:

Listening Composing Performing

Students will need to be able to perform both a solo and ensemble piece by the end of the course and will use Cubase Software to create two different pieces. They will also have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the musical world by learning about twelve different pieces in depth through various tasks. The music industry offers many opportunities for employment and is not limited to those who are current having instrumental or singing lessons. However, they will need to participate in musical performances.

We have had some fantastic GCSE results over the years, enjoying highs of 35% of our cohort getting A grades.

Music PSP Programme

Year 7 - Spring PSP | PDF

Year 8 - Spring PSP | PDF

Year 9 - Spring PSP | PDF

We encourage students to participate in the musical life at the school, be it in our choir, as a solo performer or taking part in our musicals.

All students are invited to these clubs. Year 7, 8 and 9 remember: you should be attending a music, art, dance or drama club, or completing a project.

Year 10 and 11 music students: use these rooms wisely!!!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lunchtime - Year 0/11 GCSE Rehearsal Time

Breaktime - Guitar Ensemble (Only if you have guitar lessons at school or prior agreement ) Lunchtime - All rooms available for rehearsal using Practise Room Booking System Lunchtime - All rooms available for rehearsal using Practise Room Booking System Lunchtime - Glee Club/Choir
After School - HOD Detention After School - Keyboard Club and Band Rehearsal

3pm - 3.45pm 
After School -
Gospel Choir

3pm - 4pm
(Every Other Week) 
After School - Music Technology Group