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Modern Foreign Languages


In KS3, pupils will be taught either French or Spanish with some pupils studying Latin depending on what half of the year they are in, but once your child is in year 9 they will have a choice as to what language they would like to study be it French or Spanish. We also have many pupils who can speak a foreign language and we make sure they are assessed in their home language when it is available from an exam board.  We are looking at introducing Italian and Dutch in the coming year as well as Latin as a GCSE.

Languages at The Albany are fun, interactive and fulfilling. We have scrapped the use of boring textbooks and previously used 'old fashioned' ways of teaching the subject. Our lessons include ICT, games, dialogues with other countries, a lot of speaking (key to fluency) and independent as well as group work.

It is our aim to make MFL lessons stimulating , enjoyable and most importantly, relevant. An example of this is that we listen to and work on current chart music in foreign countries as well as looking at current events as part of our 'literacy in the curriculum' drive.

We are well sourced with Ipads, computers and a media suite with a sofa and 40 inch television where we watch films in our film club.


Key Stage 3

We study a comprehensive scheme of work in both French and Spanish that has been personnally designed without the use of a textbook. This enables pupils to hit a high level by the end of year 9.

Key Stage 4

At KS4, we have pupils in years 10,11 as well as in our fast track GCSE in year 8 and 9. They follow the Edexcel GCSE. This year our GCSE total is 150 pupils. This is one of the highest numbers in the country for language uptake.


We have gone on many trips  and excursions to foreign lands and places in the UK such as Parliament, Lille, Caen, Barcelona, The French Institute, University of Reading and The Chateau de la Beaudonniere, to name a few.


  • Mr J. Lynn (Head of Modern Foreign Languages and EAL)
  • Mr P. Bailey
  • Miss I. Charles
  • Miss E. Gaits
  • Ms G. Grainger