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What is drama all about?

Drama is all about building the students’ confidence, and enabling them to be able to communicate well with other people. It helps them to work as part of a team, to be able to listen to other people’s points of view and also to contribute ideas of their own as well. Drama allows the students to be creative and imaginative and to express themselves in a safe environment.

What we learn in drama?

We learn social drama, understanding how to resolve situations that might arise in their life through the drama techniques of role-play and improvisation. We learn about the history of drama – from Greek theatre to contemporary theatre. We learn about cultural drama – looking at poems, newspaper articles and play scripts as a stimulus to create drama from.

Curriculum Breakdown

Year 7

Introduction to drama. Characters and characterisation. Script work

  • Oliver. Location Drama.
  • The Detectives.
  • Mime and movement.

Year 8

Pantomime. Social drama. Scripted work –

  • Adrian Mole.
  • Poetry.
  • Short stories.
  • Mime, movement and physical theatre.

Year 9

Social drama. The History of Theatre. Script work –

  • Invisible Friends.
  • Edward Hopper.
  • Status.
  • Physical Theatre.

Year 10

Skills and explorative strategies. Devised work based on ‘Train leaving from Platform 6.’ Scripted work –

  • Missing Dan Nolan/Too Much Punch for Judy.’
  • Physical theatre based on ‘Time’.
  • Theatre in Education projects taken to local primary schools.
  • Devised work based on ‘The Airport’.
  • Unit 1 – GCSE.

Year 11

  • Unit 1 – Controlled assessment.
  • Unit 2 – Practical and written controlled assessment.
  • Unit 3 – Final practical exam.


Enrichment Opportunities.

The drama department directs the whole school production every year. We also do plays to take to primary schools in Year 10.

Useful links.

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