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Business Studies

What is Business Studies all about?

This course looks in to what it takes to start a business, how it may be structured and how to manage and motivate the workers. It will also give students the chance to learn of the different production methods available in modern times and how finances are planned and managed. We will also look globally at the effects businesses have on us all and consider this from different perspectives.

There is a lot of scope for creative minds, as we will look in detail at marketing, advertising and enterprise activities that businesses use to become successful.

What we learn in Business Studies

Having studied the majority of the course, I am now confident in understanding the mechanics of a business, how they run and what makes them successful.

Michael Payne - Year 11 student

Curriculum Breakdown

Year10 – Business basics, People, Finance, Marketing, Production, Controlled assessment research 

Year11 – Complete Controlled assessment, Growth and change, External influences, Past papers and revision for exam

Enrichment opportunities

Lunchtime and after school clubs everyday

Useful Links



BBC Business

BBC Dragons Den


Business Studies Online

Upcoming events and news

GCSE Revision books now available for Year 11 students!


  • Mr A Dickens – Head of Department
  • Mr G Wimbush – Assistant Head Teacher