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Business Communications

What is Business and Communications Systems all about?

Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils follow units of work that introduce them to the business world, developing their IT practical skills as well as an understanding of different careers. At Key Stage 4 we deliver the AQA GCSE Business and Communications course to the majority of our students. This is a two year course and is taught for 1 hour per week during Year 10 and Year 11. Students will learn about modern working practices and the uses of various technologies in the workplace. Their practical ICT skills are also developed using the extensive range of software we have at The Albany.

What we learn in Business and Communications

It gives us a picture about how the business environment works and what legislation is in place to protect employees. It shows us how modern technology comes into play in businesses and we are taught the skills necessary to be confident and competent with various pieces of software on the computer.

Nazifa Mussarrat - Year 11 student

Curriculum Breakdown

Year 7 pupils develop their IT practical skills and learn how they are used in real life situations. They will also use web authoring and programming software. They can take this on to design games, a useful skill for making money.

Year 8 pupils learn how to become an online entrepreneur, setting up a shopping website. Watch out Dragons Den!

Year 9 pupils design the control element of a theme park ride. They also learn how to set up and run a major fund-raising event. Watch out V-Fest!

Year10 The business environment, Spreadsheets, Administration and organisation, Databases, Human Resources, Presentations, Controlled assessment research.

Year11 Controlled assessment completion, DTP and evaluating software, Communication, past papers and revision.

Enrichment opportunities

Lunchtime and after school clubs everyday

Computing @ The Albany

As you may be aware there is now a big push from our current government towards introducing Computing to the school curriculum. This starts officially from 2014 but we want to be ahead of the game at The Albany. We will shortly be changing our Key Stage 3 subject title from Business and Communications to ICT and Computing. While still being conscious of much of the valuable content of our old schemes of work we are now working to adapt these to incorporate a significant proportion dedicated to computing.
In order to facilitate this change we would like to introduce our students to basic coding and allowing them to gain an understanding of the various programming languages available. (See below)

PSP tasks Years 7-9

An introduction to programming

The tasks below are tutorials which can be found at the link shown.
The tasks are not specific to a particular year group.
We ask the students to e-mail or print a screen shot to their teacher as evidence of their work. It must show which stage of the tutorial they have reached. This will provide proof of completion and allow the ICT segment of their PSP wheel to be signed off for term 2. | External Website

and click start

1. Tutorials for beginners – Write your first computer program

Now have a go at this one!

2. Other learning options - Build your own game
(scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the section)
Pick any of these games and work through the stages.

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Upcoming events and news

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