NUT Strike - 26th March 2014

NUT Strike - 26th March 2014

Dear Parents/Guardian,

RE: NUT One Day National Strike Action on Wednesday 26th March 2014

I write to inform you that the National Union of Teachers (NUT) has called for a national one day strike action on Wednesday 26th March 2014.  This is part of the NUT campaign of discontinuous strike action that the trade union balloted for in 2011 in respect of the proposed changes to the Teachers’ Pension scheme, pay and conditions, workload pressures and job losses. 

In the past the National Association of School Masters and Women Teachers (NASUWT) and NUT have participated in a campaign of joint strike action. However on this occasion the NASUWT has decided not to join the NUT on this day of strike action. 

I cannot be entirely certain of the exact number of teaching staff that will be striking until the actual day and the welfare and safety of your child(ren) must be  our main concern. The expected numbers of staff that will strike on this indicate that there will be insufficient staff to operate a normal timetable on this day.  The health and safety of your child(ren) is of prime concern at all times, therefore I have no option but to request that  your child(ren) in the following classes do not attend school on Wednesday 26th March 2014:

Year 8 and year 9 will not be in school.

Year 7, year 10 and year 11 classes will run. All students are expected to attend school on time in full uniform with their equipment ready for lessons.

Please be assured that that risk assessments have been undertaken to ensure that the appropriate standards are met in this regard.

I would suggest that you keep a check on the School’s website which will be updated during the week of the strike.

Yours sincerely,


Adam Thorne Tim Brown
Headteacher Chair of Governors